The Airport project

      Our excessive pride is an incredible airport project.

      Due to confidentiality, we, however, cannot reveal all the cards, but with personal pleasure, we want to tell a few details.

      In 2019 thanks to successful cooperation with a private investment fund FlyGroup started a new project, we acquired the former military airport, the airport is located in eastern Europe.
      With a total area of ​​around 200 hectares, the established airport is strategically located in a unique location - the heart of Europe, with a good climate and economic environment.
      The length of the runway is 2500 meters, which will make it possible to take narrow and wide-body aircraft.


      The strength of the project is, furthermore, the base station maintenance aircraft. The new MRO will be located on the territory of our airport with the capacity of 10 narrow-body slots, 3 wide-body slots, painting facility, 9 workshops will naturally become a worthy competitor for European giants and will allow taking about 2M man-hours annually.
      The total investment is about 300 million euros and will ideally allow us not only to build one of the strongest and newest MROs and an airport in Europe but equally developed the infrastructure of the city.Full infrastructure will be developed, work is underway on the planning and development of hotels, shops, cinemas, restaurants, kinder and schools projectsWe are extremely proud that this ambitious project will create 1200-1500 decent jobs for people. FlyGroup is already preparing an executive team of eminently qualified specialists who will carefully supervise the project.
      We are confident that we are building the prosperous future in the civil aviation industry.