Due to extensive knowledge and experience in national and international specifications for the design and management of airports, our team is uniquely competent to advise operators and authorities efficiently through the process of obtaining and maintaining certification.
      FlyGroup prepares customized, autonomous, and objective compliance checks and inspection services as well as safety evaluation and supporting documentation to show reasonable levels of safety of possible deviations and ensure continued validity of the certification.
      This successful airport management is based on many years of extensive experience in the field of airside and terminal management, airport strategy, the operation of airport infrastructure and airport development. Besides, FlyGroup has sound expertise in the area of ground handling.

      FlyGroup prepare:

      We support airports worldwide with a complete range of business advisory services, including:

      take off, departure, runway, airport, airplane

      Runway renovation

      Infrastructure design

      Infrastructure audits

      Runway structural analysis

      Hangar construction


      Economic and competitive research for new directions and income optimization

      Detailed market research and demand forecasting for passenger and cargo services

      Commercial planning and non-aeronautical income optimization

      Assisting airports to increase resilience to climate change using existing operations